Product Review: Sheer Indulgence by Home Ice Cream

With these frequent heatwaves that Sydney has been experiencing, I have been stocking up my freezer with ice cream.

Home Ice Cream is convenient as it comes right by our place each fortnight.

These 'Sheer Indulgence' blocks cost $9.50 for 6....which puts them in the average price category when you break it down to being $1.60 each. They aren't extravangantly expensive, but you could find a cheaper, similar alternative at the supermarket when Magnums or Heavens are on special.

Like most of the Home Ice Cream range, they come in a cardboard box.

They were packed neatly inside like little soldiers.

I unwrapped one and it looked like a Magnum. It had large, almond pieces on the outside and a chocolate coating.

Width of the ice cream block

I took a bite and was rewarded with creamy vanilla ice-cream.

My verdict? I think that there are other products from Home Ice Cream which are better than this one.

One of the best things about Home Ice Cream is that you can buy boxes of 20 or 30 blocks of ice cream and I felt a bit miffed that this box only contained six. Of course, I think it falls into their 'premium' range of ice blocks which explains the limited number but given that it is so similar to a Magnum, I would rather get something else from Home Ice Cream that is not offered at a supermarket for a similar price.


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