Sumac, Darling Harbour

Sydney International Food Festival Post!

I decided to move this post up 'in the queue' so to speak, because you have one last chance (I think) to visit Sumac this upcoming weekend for SIFF brunch before it finishes! The brunch costs $25pp and is designed as a share menu. It is on weekends and served from 8am-11am.

Then again, the brunch is exactly the same as what is served as Kazbah for group brunches so....I guess there isn't that much of a rush really, if you are able to pop to Rozelle instead of Darling Harbour.

The Vintage Queen, Sahara, the Almost-Bride and I met up at the ungodly hour of 9am on Saturday to enjoy the SIFF Morroccan brunch.

We were seated at the front of the restaurant in the open air, with a lovely view of Darling Harbour.

The view - those poles are just for the awning, we were sitting outside

In addition to the normal menu, there were small menu cards on each table promoting the SIFF brunch and also their banquet for Melbourne Cup.

Normal menu

We began by ordering some drinks (not included in brunch price).

Mango & Mandarin juice ($5.50)

I was pleased to discover that the Mango & Mandarin juice was served in a tall glass. As I recalled, it was served in a short glass at Kazbah. This glass lasted me throughout the whole brunch! The mandarin juice was fresh and sweet.

Mixed berry frappe ($6.50)

Ruby Grapefruit juice ($6.50)

Then the food started to arrive!

Left to right: Sweet Couscous with nuts and dried fruits; Warm Rice Pudding with Saffron Poached Pear, Cinnamon and Hazelnuts; Date and Banana Porridge

Served with condiments: Stewed Rhubarb, Cardamom Milk, Warm Milk and Brown Sugar

Having previously tried the couscous at Kazbah and finding that I didn't like it, I left it alone this time and went for the warm rice pudding. It was nice and comforting - I would like to have this at home for breakfast!

Merguez Sausage, Bacon, Roasted Tomato, Hash Brown,Halloumi

Mushrooms, Spinach, Baked Beans

Eggs - Poached, Scrambled and Fried on Turkish Toast

It was a rush of food and the server encouraged us to serve the eggs first in order to create enough room on the small table for the other plates.

A selection of items on my plate

The hash browns were cooked nicely and fell apart with a prod of the fork. My favourites however, were the mushrooms. More mushrooms please!Sometimes button mushrooms are disappointing at restaurants because they don't have any flavour to them. These ones were juicy and I would have happily traded all that bacon for some more of the mushrooms (there was lots of bacon left over, but no mushrooms).

Half 'n' half tagine
One half - Lamb Mince, Sucuk, Feta, Spinach, Roast Capsicum, Caramelised Onion, Roast Tomato, Eggs
The other half- Pumpkin, Feta, Spinach, Roast Capsicum, Caramelised Onion, Roast Tomato, Eggs

I didn't take a picture but the tagine was accompanied by a basket of turkish toast and lebanese bread. Too much bread! The basket mainly went untouched because we were feeling quite stuffed at this point.

Yet there were still the pancakes to go. And what an awesome sight they were.

Banana and Strawberry with Maple Syrup and Double Cream

Chocolate and Raspberry with Butterscotch Sauce and Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

My photo titles are a bit misleading because they served both pancakes with chocolate ice cream and I think they sliced them up and then swapped slices around on the plates. So there was some Banana pancake and also some Chocolate Raspberry on each plate.

The pancakes were so sweet and yummy. The thickest slice looked like it would measure about 2.5cm tall!

Unfortunately we were so full that we only managed to eat about one pancake in total. Such a shame.

The service was fantastic and the staff were very friendly, even inquiring which dish was our favourite.

I think the view and atmosphere at Sumac is nicer than at Kazbah - not as noisy and you have that great Darling Harbour vibe!


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  1. wow outdoor seating as well... that IS better

  2. Great photos!
    Been really enjoying Sydney's food festival. I was lucky enough to make the picnic on the harbour bridge.

  3. OMG i just discovered your blog! I love it!!!

    I think you should cover sugar hits during SIFF!

    take care!

  4. Hi Jathon: Yep, the outdoor seating is really nice when the sun is out!

    Hi SK: Thanks! I actually didn't even register for the bridge breakfast - I only found out about it after ballots were already drawn. D'oh! You were a lucky duck to be picked :)

    Hi E-man: Don't forget to check back regularly! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to any other SIFF events but quite a few other food bloggers have been covering the sugar hits so you could check them out.