Ramen Kan, Haymarket

Ramen Kan is a hidden restaurant that is a few doors down from Wagaya. You could walk past the lift entrance without even realising it!

Luckily I was introduced to this gem early on in my uni degree so have visited it numerous times for a bite to eat.

I don't have any photos of the decor (I feel a bit silly taking photos of a place that I visit frequently, as though it is not worth a blog post), but it is quite nice inside, with sofa seating along one wall and wooden floorboards.

Nine times out of ten, I will order the same thing,

Kaisen don ($10.90)

This used to cost $9.90 back in the day.

But despite the price increase, it is still value for money.

For those who don't know what a kaisen-don is, it's basically raw salmon and tuna on a bed of rice.

A lot of mayo is used and the pieces of fish here are usually quite mushy. The first time I tried it, I didn't like it but I have grown accustomed to the soft, mushy fish.

At Ramen-kan, it is served with a small miso soup and salad.

Small miso soup

Small salad

The whole combo is incredibly filling and most of the time, I can't finish it.

Sometimes I also like to order a green milk tea.

Green milk tea ($4.50?)

Check out the gradient of the drink!

It is heavy on the matcha flavour. The only thing that could make it more perfect is if it was served with a scoop of green tea ice cream (which I think they do at Wagaya?)


  1. I love Ramen-kan. Especially the ramen sets with gyoza. The one I used to frequent in Chatswood has closed down though. :(

  2. Mushy sashimi-eek.
    But yes, I do think it's good value for money there.
    Are you going to post on the non-existent soup dumplings? haha

  3. Hi SK: I haven't tried the gyoza at Ramen Kan before, I'll have to check it out sometime!

    Hi Mobblees: Yes, I'll post about the dumplings in the future. Though it wouldn't be the first time that I've been disappointed with dumplings!


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