Menya, Haymarket

I have been to Menya many, many times over the five long years that I have been at uni (*shakes fist* damn you combined degree!) and that is one reason why I have never been inclined to blog about it.

It is like an old faithful. I know it's there and I assume that everyone else knows that it is there, so why bother?

On this particular occasion, I was with some uni friends who encouraged me to blog about it. Okay...

Usually I like to order either a mini Menya ramen or their ramen/katsu curry combo. However, there is no way that I can finish the ramen/katsu curry combo by myself so this time I decided to branch out and order a chicken schnitzel ramen.

Initially I was a bit wary because my friend Billy cautioned that the last time he was here, his chicken was raw on the inside.

But I had an odd craving for the chicken so ordered it anyway.

Tori-katsu ramen ($10.90)

Hm. It didn't occur to me that the chicken was going to get soggy sitting in the ramen, which is naturally what happened. The first bite of chicken was nice, but I did notice that the slices were very thick and between being under/over cooked, it was leaning towards the under. Of course, it wasn't raw (phew!) but it was pink.

I wouldn't order it again - but if you choose to, I recommend asking them to serve the chicken on the side or at least getting a small bowl to take out the chicken. Otherwise you will be like me, with a sad, soggy mess of chicken.

Mini Menya ramen ($6.90)

This is one of my staples. It is a small sized bowl, but you can get full just from drinking that delicious tonkotsu soup!

Billy and I debated over the consistency of Menya's tonkotsu broth compared to the much-raved about Gumshara Ramen in Eating World which everyone has been talking about lately. We both concluded that we preferred Menya's. The reason? Well, the Gumshara broth is just TOO thick! It doesn't go smoothly down my throat but rather clogs it. After about five spoonfuls, the broth also loses flavour for me. It tastes like I am choking down some tasteless glug. (Having said that, I do like their boiled eggs that you can add onto your ramen, they are done perfectly).

In comparison, the Menya broth has a lighter consistency but still leaves you with some slight stickiness. It tastes delicious from the start to the end.


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  1. so harsh with the description of gumshara... this and the bagging of AZ's macarons will probably make the food blogging community exile you from the exile you are already in... like putting you in a jail cell in Siberia

    i really like the other ramen place and like it better than menya's ramen.. although menya aint bad.. i dont like the bamboo shoots

  2. Hi Jathon: I can't help it if I didn't like the macarons and that I prefer Menya's tonkotsu broth. If I recall correctly, you didn't like the macarons and even spat one out.

    I don't like the naruto at Menya (or anywhere else. I don't like naruto)

  3. that is true... but it was salt and vinegar..

    why not? i like the naruto although i have no idea what it is.. is it some sort of fish cake?

  4. "I don't like the naruto at Menya (Or anywhere else. I don't like naruto)"

    Guess I'll be avoiding this place like the plague then!

  5. lol yeh.. the katsu is better than the karaage definitely.. LoL i think it's harder to undercook the katsu..

    menya free rice refills must be a hit! japs or koreans never give you (me) enough rice lol

    and yes menya > gumshara

  6. Hi Jathon: I just don't feel that the naruto adds anything to my bowl of ramen. I would rather replace it with a piece of seaweed.

    Hi Arthur: You can always take out the naruto or give it to a friend. The ramen is really quite good!

    Hi Yudd: One of my friends got the free rice refill set but didn't actually get any refills.

  7. I like to think of my ramen as a treasure trove.. the fall-apart pork, egg and naruto are my favourite gems.

    IMO Gumshara>Menya..

    Do the free rice refill sets cost extra? Is that some new addition to the menu?

  8. Hi Jathon: No, the refill doesn't cost extra, it is included with the set. Yes, I think it is part of the new menu