Portuguese Tarts

I just wanted to share another recent afternoon tea treat that I had, courtesy of the Pastry Chef.

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Portuguese Tarts. They have enough similarity to a custard tart that I can't help but compare the two. And I prefer the custard tart.

What do you guys think? Which tart do you prefer? I am visiting Macau later this year so will get a chance to try a 'local' Portuguese tart so to speak, and maybe my opinion will change then.


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  1. Give them to me then if you're not a fan!
    I prefer the crisp flakiness of the pastry over the custard tart.
    But I like custard in general, so it doesn't really matter.

  2. I agree with Mobblees.
    The only thing that custard tarts have over portuguese tarts is their size!

  3. Custard tart, Portuguese tart...meh...I'll scoff both!

  4. I love a good tart hehehe

  5. Aiyah why is there soy-sauce on tart!

  6. Hi Rono: That isn't soy sauce, it is the browning of the custard that occurs when the tart is in the oven. It is the sign of a good Portuguese tart!