Pancakes at the Rocks, Darling Harbour

Is it still called Pancakes at the Rocks if the store isn't at the Rocks? The menu is the same and the layout of the restaurant is the same....I should have had a closer look at the signage :\

It's funny, I've never eaten at this branch of Pancakes before. I sort of knew there was one in Darling Harbour, but didn't know the exact location. Luckily my friend knew and took us to Harbourside where it is tucked on the end that is closer to the bridge. You know what I mean.

This one doesn't have the same warm vibe as the one at the Rocks. There aren't queues of people lining up and the place smells sort of funny. The seating is the same though, you have your booths and they have some tvs up playing music videos, just like the other one.

The pancakes menu

I always get the Devils Delight. But tonight, I was absolutely stuffed and decided to order a short stack with ice cream. Unfortunately for you, the reader, my friends and I all ordered the same thing. So no variety in pics for this post!

Short stack with cream ($6.50) - two pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup

After I poured some maple syrup

The pancakes from a different angle

You can change the pancakes to chocolate ones for an extra $1.00. I briefly considered this but didn't know how the chocolate pancakes would go with the maple syrup.

The short stack was good. The pancakes were light and fluffy. The combination of ice cream and maple syrup was a match made in heaven.

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  1. Have you tried McDonald's pancakes? I wonder what they're like.

  2. Hi Mobblees: Of course I have!! I can't believe you haven't! Bear in mind, I haven't had once since I discovered how much better a sausage & egg mcmuffin tastes but since you're curious, I remember the pancakes being quite thin, very flat and served with a small butter and little container of maple syrup. You also get a knife and fork to eat them with (plastic of course)

  3. But are they good?
    Yeah I'm never up in time for breakfast.

  4. Hi Mobblees: They are mediocre. They remind me of large, warm pikelets. They aren't really like light, fluffy pancakes.

    If you're never up in time for brekkie, then you're missing out on sausage & egg mc muffins! Now *they* are yum...mmm

  5. Have you tried Bills ricotta pancakes?
    They're almost as good as his scrambled eggs.

  6. Hi Sahara: No I haven't, but I would like to. They are practically a Sydney institution; they are mentioned so often everywhere.