Lebanese Ice Cream, Punchbowl

Okay, I confess, I don't know the actual name of this place. But it is a few doors down from El Jannah.

And this is what the store front looks like:

I had walked past it on the street and immediately wanted to venture inside. I could see rows and rows of sweet treats, beckoning for me to taste.

Unfortunately after El Jannah, I was stuffed and couldn't fit another bite. Not even in the dessert stomach.

But that didn't mean I couldn't look!

Look at the rows of biscuits and cakes! They had cookies, baklava, sponge cake, chocolate cake - so much stuff!

And of course, they had ice cream!

The flavour selected was Wildberry. It was different from normal ice cream, the texture was very smooth, and you had to eat it quickly before it began to run down the sides of the cone. The flavour was different too, it tasted like Nerds!


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  1. Dear Damzel,

    My name is Moose and I want to be a food blogger just like you. However, I am too embarrassed to pull out my camera to take photos of every single dish I eat. I have lots of food I want to take photos of but can not take the snickers when I take a photo of a hot dog or 'why are you taking photos?'. I also find it difficult to stop people from eating before taking a photo.

    Can you help?


  2. Hi Moose: Firstly, I actually go by the name 'retrodaze' now to make it easier for people to remember my contact email address. Secondly, Moose is a very interesting name. Do people ever make jokes about you 'moosing around'?

    In regards to your food blogging situation, my advice is to get new friends. What sort of friends won't wait a few seconds while you take a photo?

    I think you should persevere because food blogging is quite fun and I would be interested in reading your blog.