The Beauchamp Hotel, Darlinghurst

After seeing a movie at the nearby Palace cinemas on Oxford Street, my friend suggested that we visit the Beauchamp for a bite to eat.

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon and the place was quite empty but not in a bad way. The Beauchamp had a feeling of warmth and I like wide open spaces anyway...

Chalkboard menu outside

The prices were very reasonable, but this post is a little late so my price labels might be off by +/- one dollar.

Ground level

You place your order at the bar and take a number. Then you can choose to sit on the ground level, or go up another level. They have a standard menu, and there were also some specials written on a chalkboard behind the bar.

Seating on the ground level

We decided to go upstairs where there was another bar, and also a small courtyard.

Seating on the upper level with the door leading into the courtyard

More inside seating

Apologies about the intense light coming through! What can I say, it was a very sunny afternoon...

The food arrived quickly and we dug in because we were quite hungry.

100% beef burger with fries and ketchup ($10.50)

This was really yum. The beef had a nice charred flavour that I like - it actually reminded me of the beef in a McDonalds or a Hungry Jack burger - which is good, because I like their beef patties!

Melted cheese inside the burger...yum

My friend had ordered the fish and chips.

Fish and chips ($16.50)

They said it was nice, but the fish had an unusual crunchy batter.

It was my first time at the Beauchamp and I would definitely return.

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By the way, I apologise to my loyal readers for not posting in a while - it is because I'm swamped with uni work and I'm spending a lot of time at home writing my thesis, so don't have much free time to go out and eat!

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  1. A burger is not the same without the cheese melted!

  2. Hi Mobblees: I agree, I love melted cheese.


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