Nuffnang Goodies!

Some of you may have noticed that I recently joined up with Nuffnang, which is a blog advertising agency for blogs in the Asia Pacific. If you'd like to find out more about them, I've placed their link on the sidebar on the right of the blog - where my poll is btw, and I hope you've filled out the poll!

I actually had some other questions running in the poll but I took them down since they didn't get much response....though it was amusing for me to see how many people had been scammed into buying fake pairs of tsubis online (for the record: one).

Anyway, as a thankyou for signing up with Nuffnang, I received a lovely box filled with goodies today!

The outside of the box

What was inside the box, I hear you ask. Well....

The inside of the box, packaged up nice and tight

The box was sponsored by various brands:

And more specifically, there was....

A $10 Colesmyer giftcard

Nuffnang are actually running a competition with this giftcard at the moment: you can win a $100 giftcard if you show either:

a) the most creative way of spending the $10 or
b) the most you can get with the $10

I'm not a very creative person and I think the most bang that you can get for your buck these days is if you hit up Coles right before they close, to get the markdowns on deli items and the bakery. What do you guys think?

185g John West Tuna & Beans

Leggos Italian Beef Casserole Simmer Sauce

I'm totally going to try this sauce! The instructions seemed pretty easy - brown some meat and veggies, add the sauce and simmer. Sounds like even I could make it!

Spring Valley Juicy Tea in Blackberry & Vanilla

I love tea in a bottle! Blackberry and vanilla is an interesting combo as well. I'll report back after I've tasted it.

Travel-size Redken products from their BodyFull range (Shampoo, Conditioner and Weightlifter spray)

Yay, these products are going to be perfect for when I go overseas at the end of the year! I've never tried Redkens Body Full range, only products from their Smooth Down and Real Control lines so I'm actually quite excited to test them out.

Travel size products from the Redken for Men haircare range

Hm. I think I will just give these to my brother...

The collection of goodies altogether

So that was a very nice arrival in the mail today, thank you Nuffnang!

Now, because I am a big fan of paying it forward, one of my readers suggested that I should have another giveaway soon. No, I'm not going to give anything away from this box but given the success of my Anderson Soap Company giveaway, I'm open to the idea of running another competition. And what I want to know is - what would you like to win?*

*within reason!


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