Masterchef Sticky Date Pudding

I was recently invited to a dinner party which had a Masterchef theme. The host had decided to recreate Masterchef in the form of an entree, main and dessert - all using Masterchef recipes.

I thought the dessert turned out quite well - I was particularly impressed by the almond praline. An oft used line on Masterchef was "take it to the point of burning" and I felt like I could really taste that burnt flavour in the almond praline.

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and almond praline

Here it has been served with vanilla ice cream and a slice of pear & ginger cake (store bought).

You can find the recipe on the Masterchef website here.


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  1. Hi sonywalkmanblues: I only altered it a little bit.

  2. gah! i missed out!! oh well LoL when are you gonna go el jannah?

  3. Hi William: I really want to try El Jannah but the Granville store is a bit too far away. I recently discovered that there is also a store in Punchbowl though, so maybe I will try that one sometime.