I'm Angus Steakhouse, Darling Harbour

It was a warm Friday night and Cockle Bay Wharf was buzzing. Outside I'm Angus, there was a queue of people waiting. Perhaps they were just looking at the menu, or maybe they were waiting for a table. Either way, I didn't care since my friends were already waiting inside.

This is my second visit to I'm Angus, the first being a work Christmas party about two years ago. I remember liking the food, but not enough to revisit.

You might be thinking, then why are you here again? Well, my friend had suggested dinner at this steakhouse because she likes it.

Most of the tables were filled and waiters scurried around everywhere.

The bar

They have both outdoor and indoor seating. We were seated indoors.

A shot of the restaurant indoors

I was a little bit late and my friends had already begun their perusal of the menu. Luckily, I had already looked at the menu before arriving and knew what I was going to get.

The menu front cover

If you're curious, you can see their current menu here.

Unfortunately, quick menu decisions didn't really matter since it took a while for a waitress to come and take our order.

And then it took about 40 minutes for our food to arrive. I wasn't very impressed. I was absolutely starving since I had a salad for lunch at 1pm - and the food came out just past 8.30pm. I was also starting to fall asleep at the table because I'm a bit of a granny.

Giant pork ribs - half portion ($25)

The ribs were my main. Boy, I was glad that decided to order a half, rather than a full rack of ribs! I was also pleased to discover upon ordering, that the ribs came with a choice of either mash potato or fries. Of course, this is the norm at Hurricanes but it didn't say this on the I'm Angus menu - and I was going to order a side of mash. So I like to think that I saved five dollars.

You can't really see it in the photo but the mash is hidden underneath the ribs. Not the best presentation and certainly not the easiest for eating the mash! I felt like I had to eat one rib before I could reach another forkful of mash.

The ribs were nice. The sauce was tangy with a hint of spice. My criticism is that when they came out, they weren't fresh hot. I would describe it as warm hot. So by the time that I ate about half (and bear in mind my hunger, I was eating them pretty fast), the rest had gotten stone cold.

My friends' mains, I didn't taste, but here are some photos. Sorry about the photo quality, the lighting wasn't the best and I always feel bad taking photos of food when everyone else is just dying to dig into it. It goes without saying that these were quick snapshots.

Whole Baby Barramundi (29.50)
White wine, lemon, honey and macadamia. Wilted spinach and green beans

My friend described the barramundi as 'interesting'. They questioned the abundance of macadamia nuts on the plate (yes, those things that look like cherry tomatoes are actually macadamias) and said that the dish as a whole had a lot of Asian flavours.

Rib-eye steak 350g ($38)

Um...I don't remember what this next one is. I've had a look at the menu and had a guess

Grilled barramundi fillet ($33)
Broccolini, parsley mash & lemon myrtle butter sauce

All in all, I would describe the food experience as 'okay'. The delay in the delivery of the mains put me off - and no explanation was given as to why they were taking so long. Do I have high expectations? I think my expectations are normal. I expect mains to come out about 20 minutes after ordering. I think that is ample time for the dish to be prepared and cooked. Any longer and you are usually given a warning of how long it will take for a certain dish be ready.


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  1. hahahahha
    the mashed potato underneath the ribs is funny... what do they expect people to do? dig under there blindly with a spoon?

  2. Hi sonywalkmanblues: Yes I found it amusing as well. I really think they should put the mash on the side of the plate - if they can't fit it, then get some bigger plates!