Ching Yip Coffee Lounge, Haymarket

Is that the correct name of this coffee lounge? Even though I took photos of their neon sign, I'm not sure....

I think it is....but then I took a photo of their board outside the cafe, and it says Chli G YiP?

Hmm....anyway, this coffee lounge is located in the Dixon Centre in Chinatown. If you are entering the centre from the Chinatown arcade entrance, this is the building that you will be looking for:

The coffee lounge is on the third level, so you can either take the lift or escalators up through the centre. You will be greeted by the glowing neon sign if you are in the right place!

On this particular occasion, I was with a friend who really wanted some 'authentic style' Hong Kong afternoon tea. After the disappointing adventure to Cafe de Macau, we had high hopes for this popular coffee lounge.

Despite the fact that it was 5.15pm, that witching hour when it is long after lunch but slightly too early for dinner, the cafe still had tables occupied and new customers coming in. The decor is outdated with light pink walls and a mirrored ceiling but I don't think people come here for fancy.

The mirrored ceiling

Indoor plants (fake?)

Reminds me of a cafeteria

So we had come here to enjoy afternoon tea - unfortunately, it is only served here between 3pm and 5pm. If you had been paying attention, you will have realised that we arrived at 5.15pm!

I asked the friendly waitress if they would still serve afternoon tea, to which she responded "No of course not, it's already quarter past five!"

We accepted her response with good grace and turned to leave the cafe, lingering to look at the menus stuck on the board.

Then lo and behold, she went to ask the proprietor/chef/some other staff member with clout at the cash register if they would still offer us afternoon tea. They replied in the affirmative and we sat down with some menus!

The afternoon tea menu

There are three different types of afternoon tea sets - A, B and C. They ascend in price from $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00. Basically it includes a tea/coffee and your choice of accompanying dish.

We both decided to order B sets ($6.00) and the efficient waitress was back within minutes to take our order.

HK style milk tea

HK style milk tea (cold)

Generous ice

The drinks were nice. Nothing much to say about them.

Our food arrived very quickly and when it arrived, I was a little underwhelmed. As I already mentioned, I doubt that people come here for fancy. But it really looked like the food has just been dipped into the deep fryer, plonked onto the plate and then carried out.

I think I have just been spoiled by too much fine dining lately!

Spring rolls (part of the B set)

If you look closely at the photo, you can see the spots of oil glistening on the plate.

The filling of the spring roll

The filling was quite skimpy. I think a sense of proportion has been lost in my photos, but these spring rolls were very slim, reminding me of thin cigars. The inside consisted of carrot and cabbage - no meat, mushrooms or other lovely spring roll fillings that can be found with yumcha spring rolls.

Chicken wings (part of the B set)

I didn't taste these, but my friend said that they were good.

This is the second time that I've been to this coffee lounge and although it is quite cheap, it's not my choice of venue for an afternoon snack. My friends seem to like it though. The service and food is no-nonsense and fast. Reminds me of Hong Kong!

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  1. i like the decor... it's like you've stepped into another world... one where dodgy triads make deals and asian school kids discuss HK popstars over milk tea and fried food

    and the chicken wings weren't that good =/

  2. That neon sign at the front makes it look dodge.

  3. Hi sonywalkmanblues: I'm sorry to hear that the chicken wings weren't that good. I didn't notice any triad-like groups while I was there and I would think that they prefer to hang around in underground and secret areas.

    Hi Mobblees: I didn't realise that having a neon sign automatically makes something dodgy. I must be out of touch with today's youth.

  4. i love this place! i agree it reminds me of HK... because of the cheap sets at this place I usually have TWO sets for afternoon tea

  5. this place is also known as "tim tim" or "teem teem" say it with a canto accent or say "sweet sweet" in canto hahaha.. did you get milk/tea mix? you should!

  6. Hi William: No, I didn't get a tea/milk tea mix, I don't know what that is.