Elounge, Glebe

NOTE:  Elounge has now closed down.


There is so much choice along Glebe Point Road that sometimes it is hard to decide where to eat. However, on this particular night, my friend suggested Elounge as she claimed they did the best Calzones.

Since I had never tried a Calzone before (but had always wanted to after that Seinfeld episode), we headed off to Elounge.

The name Elounge suggests there will be decor along the lines of soft cushy chairs, maybe some soft fluorescent lighting - I thought it would look like that Blue Ice place in Market City.

Couldn't be further from the truth!

Inside the Elounge

The tables and chairs were hard, and exactly the same as you would find in any casual eatery. There was some graffiti art on the walls and other knick-knacks which created some ambience.

Poster on the wall

We decided to order one savoury and one sweet calzone to share.

After placing our orders, we waited. And waited. Am I cursed or something? Lately it seems like all I've done is wait eons for a meal after ordering.

But maybe it wasn't just my unluckiness because I noticed the table next to us were frequently glancing at their watches and craning their heads to see if their order was coming.

Finally the food arrived.

V Calzone - fresh Napolentana sauce, filled with mushrooms, eggplant, artichoke, pineapple and onion, finished with parmesan & mozzarella cheese, & a dollop of basil & pinenut pesto ($15.95)

The inside of the Calzone

After the long wait, not to mention the essay of ingredients on the menu, I have to admit that I was expecting something spectacular. I imagined that they were secretly cooking away a masterpiece in the kitchen.

So I guess I was a little disappointed. The filling was not flavoursome and tasted exactly like what it literally was - a bunch of vegetables inside a hard shell. It wasn't cheesy enough for my liking either, the vegetables fell out of the shell, not bound together by strings of cheese like I had hoped. It may have been the winter air, but the filling inside also rapidly became cold.

In any event, we polished off the savoury calzone and began to wait out the next interval before our dessert calzone would arrive.

Service was somewhat lacking at the Elounge, despite the fact that the place was fairly empty for the Friday night. We were initially given small plates which became covered with the savoury calzone crumbs and sauce remnants, but did not receive clean ones for the dessert calzone. *(Side note: I looked up Elounge on eatability and other reviewers have complained about the lack of service, but then again, as a friend of mine once pointed out - reviewers on eatability always seem to complain..)

Apple Calzone - Sweet folded pastry, filled with caramelised apples & Californian walnuts with marscapone cream cheese served with creamy vanilla ice cream, cinnamon & icing sugar ($10.50)

This was much better than the savoury calzone. It was deliciously sweet but not overpoweringly so. Though now that I've reread the menu description, I don't actually remember there being any walnuts on the inside.

For more info on Elounge, you can check out their website HERE


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