Bankstown Brasserie, Bankstown

There is a lot of pho in Bankstown. In fact, I don't know what you would eat in Bankstown except for pho?

I don't really mind, because I love pho. But I have noticed that most Vietnamese pho restaurants are cold and sterile, where the floors are slightly dirty and the tables usually have a drab, grey plastic surface that can be quickly wiped away.

So it was with some surprise that I discovered this new place called the Bankstown Brasserie. It is on Greenfield Parade, and is a part of a pub.

What drew me in was the large tables of families enjoying their food, and how BRIGHT it was inside! The sunlight shone through the large windows on the chilly winter's day and bathed the tables in golden light.

Happy families enjoying their lunch

I was pleased to discover that the prices are quite reasonable, in fact, a dollar or two cheaper than the other places nearby!


We place our orders at the register and carry back a number to our table. There is a self-serve station in the corner where you help yourself to hot tea, condiments and cutlery.

Self-serve station in the corner

Complimentary tea

The food comes out very quickly, and the servings are BIG!

Bowl of pho ($7.00)

Generous bowl of bean sprouts, basil and lemon that accompanies the pho

Stir fried beef with vegetables on vermicelli ($8.50)

Crispy-skin chicken ($6.00)

The chicken actually wasn't on the menu by itself, but we requested it without the tomato rice that would usually be its companion. It was absolutely delicious, piping hot and the meat was tender and juicy.

We leave almost reluctantly since it is so nice and warm inside, and as we leave, the staff speedily come to clear away our table.


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