Thai 1st Time, Beverly Hills

I don't understand why I don't come here more often. Oh wait, that's right. I can hardly ever find people to go with!

Thai 1st Time is located on the busy King Georges Road restaurant strip of Beverly Hills. It has survived the tough restaurant trade since it first opened, despite the fact that on weeknights, it only ever appears to have a few tables in the house.

The empty tables and chairs

It's a dilemma. I want them to be more successful because it is a funky little place but I don't want too many people to find out about it because I like never having to make a reservation.

One of my favorite things is the seating. They have tables and chairs, but they also have booths with soft cushions on them. The booths line against the wall with glowing elephants and paintings on the wall.

The menu is another high point. Prices are very reasonable, mostly around the $10 - $15 range and there is a fair selection for entrees, mains and desserts.

Thai 1st time menu

On this particular night, we started off with stuffed chicken wings as an entreƩ.

Stuffed chicken wings (2) - $6.60
Wings stuffed with vermicelli, deep fried served with sweet chili sauce

The inside of the chicken wing i.e. the stuffing

When we ordered the wings, the waitress informed us that they would take a bit longer to make. That made me curious - were they freshly stuffed? In any case, it doesn't matter since I probably wouldn't order them again. The smell was quite enticing - like KFC. The bone had been removed from the wing and it was bulging with a combination of vermicelli and chinese mushrooms. I think the stuffing just needed to have a bit more flavour for it to be a winning dish.

Jasmine rice (Pot for 2-3 people) - $5.50

The pot of rice is quite generous and you can have several servings out of that small pot. We definitely needed the rice because we also ordered:

Massaman Curry with beef - $10.90
An aromatic beef curry cooked with coconut milk, potatoes and peanuts

Some of you may recall my scathing review of Satang Thai Exclusive's weak imitation of a Massaman Curry. Well, Thai 1st Time is the place to go for an AWESOME Massaman Curry! There are large, tender chunks of beef that literally fall apart with the slightest prod of the fork. The curry is not too runny and they have been restrained with their use of the coconut milk so it is just the right consistency to serve with your rice.

An example of what your plate will look like - before you drizzle the curry sauce all over the rice

I cannot praise this dish highly enough. It is that good.

But alas, one cannot live off massaman curry alone so we also ordered some BBQ chicken.

BBQ Chicken (Gai-Yang) - $10.90
Thai style boneless marinated chicken served with sweet chili sauce

This wasn't that great. The chicken tasted heavily of lemongrass which overwhelmed any other flavours that might have come through. I think that I was expecting some chargrilled taste which would be been nice, but it just tasted oily.

Usually I also like to order dessert at this restaurant - they do a mean deep fried ice cream. However, since we went to the cinemas across the road after dinner, this is what my dessert ended up being:

Thai 1st Time
534 King Georges Rd
Open 7 nights
5.00 pm - 7.00pm

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