Ichi-ban Boshi, Sydney CBD

There is something that I need to say about Ichi-ban Boshi: I have never believed their 15 bowls per day BS about the tonkotsu ramen. And maybe, just maybe, they cottoned on to the fact that people didn't believe this, because how could it be possible to start serving their famous tonkotsu ramen from 11am in the morning, and then still be able to order a bowl in the afternoon?

So it seems that they have a new rule now: no tonkotsu ramen will be served until 1pm. But is it really 1pm?

The first time I discovered this new rule was in the morning and was told 1pm.

The next time, I went at 1pm and was told it wouldn't be ready until 1.30pm. We were far too hungry to wait until 1pm and decided to order something else. Some strangers came to share our table at 1.30pm and asked to order the tonkotsu ramen as well. The waitress babbled into her walkie talkie and gave them the bad news: it's not ready - 2.30pm.

Good thing we didn't decide to wait! Poor game, Ichi-ban, poor game indeed.

Lucky for them, the place is popular enough to get away with this kind of crap.

The menu
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The chopsticks and napkins were placed haphazardly on the table and it was up to you to set your own place.

The eating area is one of the good things about Ichi-ban. Light, bright and airy.

Here's a quick tip: there is often a line and you place yourself on the waiting list. There is also an option whether you're willing to share a table. Tick 'yes' because you'll inevitably get a seat faster. On this particular occasion, there were about ten people waiting and we skipped the queue completely because we were willing to share!

Okay, another thing that I've noticed is that their drinks sometimes take forever to arrive. The first time that I ate at Ichi-ban, I ordered a green tea cappucino. Our meals arrived, but the drink didn't. I realised that it never came and told them to cancel it. Instead, they rushed it out and gave it to me, thus forcing me to pay for it.

This time, my iced coffee didn't arrive. The difference was, this time I was quite thirsty. So I asked them where it was and about ten minutes, later, it arrived. I've never had an iced coffee with ice cream in a short glass before. Is it even meant to be served in a short glass? Because if you look at the photo closely, you'll see that it has a pool of iced coffee at the bottom of the glass. That's because the waitress spilled it on the floor and on the table - because it was overflowing! Grrrr

Iced coffee with ice cream- $5.50
Served with sugar water

Melon Float ($5.50)

Their ramen is good though. That is why I come here.

Karaage ramen - $10.90
(ramen with karaage chicken on top)

Tantanmen - $12 something?

Ichi-ban Boshi is located outside Kinokunya in the Galleries Victoria.


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  1. After coming here, I was soo thirsty! I think it was all the M.S.G from the food.

    I recommend going to Ton Ton on George St for ramen/soba/udon. It's quite authentic and reminded me of Japan.

  2. sonywalkmanblues: the melon float is sort of like an ice cream spider.

    Mobblees: Thanks for the rec. I've eaten at the Ton Ton that is in Chifley, but not the one on George St.