Crown Dragon Restaurant, Carlton

Crown Dragon is a new Chinese restaurant that has opened up in the St George Leagues Club. I don't usually like eating at RSL or similar clubs because filling out those pesky visitors slips is annoying! Hence I was very pleasantly surprised to see that this club (and perhaps others as well) has electronic drivers license readers, which scans your licence and prints out a slip for you! Of course, it can't be guaranteed that it will read it correctly - my slip had about five extra letters and one extra word in my name!

The nice fountain outside the club

After you receive your slip (there are even staff members there to feed your licence into the machine for you! No need to even lift a finger!), you are allowed entry to walk up to the new Crown Dragon Restaurant

Staircase to the restaurant - is that a portrait of a St George Dragons sports player of some sort? Who knows...

Alas, the combination of a Sunday and Mothers Day no less, meant that there was a big crowd of people waiting for a table. But guess what? No raffle ticket system here! Instead, you are issued with an electronic buzzer like you would receive when ordering pub food. Cool, huh?

People waiting... and a nice hanging chandelier lights

Luckily my dad knew someone who knew someone and we got a table quick smart!

I was very impressed with the fancier-than-usual chopsticks....

Ooh sparkly!

And also by the unusual shaped tea cups! Unseen at yumcha before! Why, they're almost square!

I was also impressed by the light fixtures inside the restaurant

And the comfortable chairs!

But I guess you don't want to see any more photos of the 'ambience' and want some food photos. Well, I serve to please.

Hustle and bustle of dim sum trollies

Apologies in advance for the blurry photos....I had to be quick before the chopsticks descended.

Braised pork

Sticky rice parcel

Prawn dumplings

Siu mai


Pork stomach?

Hot egg tarts!
- served on a RECTANGULAR plate. Once again, unseen at yumcha before!

Lotus paste buns

Prawn rice noodles

Rice noodles with fried dough on the inside

Phew. I was pretty full after that. The damage? $61 for four people. Pretty good!

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  1. i like your 'look at everything' approach.. nothing escapes your attention

  2. Dear Retrodaze,
    Firstly, I would like to extend a warm thanks to your lovely portrayal of our restaurant.
    Secondly, I need to apologise for the amount of time it has taken for us to find your blog and give thanks for the pictures and your review.
    I am very glad you had a good time and enjoyed the food and would like to invite you to return in the near future and try our food again to see if it has matched or exceeded your expectations.
    I sincerely hope we shall see you soon.

    Kind regards,
    Andrew Chan
    Director/Manager of Crown Dragon Chinese Restaurant.

  3. Hi Andrew

    Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you enjoyed the post!