Surry Hills Festival

I love festivals! And thankfully, the Surry Hills Festival was bigger and better than last year. There were loads of food stalls, lined on either side of a path - with the Turkish Gozleme stall repeated three times! Lots of stages (dubious quality of music), rides, a petting zoo and plenty of stores with things to buy.

There were also pony rides, and at first I thought the ponies were super cute but then it got sad. They were standing in this pen, not 'talking' to each other, not moving. It was as though they were resigned to their fate of carrying around fat kids as slave labour.


There were a few who were released from the pen in preparation for giving a ride and they were munching away on the grass in the park as though their life depended on it. Notice the ponies in the pen above didn't have any grass to munch on. Couldn't they at least create the pen where there was grass for them to eat??

The 'lucky' ones who had the opportunity to eat some grass

Anyway, I was really looking forward to festival food (doesn't it just taste so much better than if you got it from a normal takeaway store?) and I wasn't disappointed!

A slurpee from the slurpee stall. Required minimum of two flavours and maximum of four per cup!

Seafood paella - was very yum!! The rice was a bit risotto-y and there was plenty of seafood, including a non-frozen prawn!

Looking forward to going again next year!


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