Recession Lobster: Sunny Harbour Seafood, Hurstville

Although I have been to yum cha at Sunny's many times before, I've actually never been there for dinner. Of course, there is a first time for everything and with lobster prices plummeting due to the GFC, what better time to go?

I didn't take a photo of the restaurant exterior but I was pleasantly surprised at the fluorescent bright lighting - it reminded me of restaurants in Hong Kong :)

Handwritten specials on the wall

Sunny's has its own BBQ going on

We really only came for one thing - lobster. However, we ordered some other dishes, fully aware that we probably wouldn't be able to eat them but just as extra padding.

The wet towels and bowl of lemon water were quickly delivered in preparation for gorging on lobster.

Unfortunately I didn't get to take a photo of the live lobster! My mother was very embarrassed at my food-photo taking, claiming that it looked as if I'd never been to a restaurant before. I tried to explain that food blogging is the hottest thing du jour but she just didn't get it....

Anyway, the lobster came out (there was no complimentary pre-dinner soup??!) and WOW! It was huge! The special (that is on from Mon-Fri only) is 29.80 per half kilo. This baby weighed in a 2.6kg, and there were four of us. You do the math. We are all piggy pigs in my family!

You can choose to have the lobster cooked in a variety of ways - tonight we chose shallot, ginger and garlic sauce.

Lobster ($155 for 2.6kg)

Yum yum YUM! The flesh was succulent and fresh, I don't know what more I can say except I don't want to eat any lobster for the next year because I'm done!

The plate pretty much took up the entire table...

I have had a craving for crispy skin chicken lately so requested that we order some. And yay, my demand was granted!

Crispy skin chicken (half) - $16.80

Unfortunately, it was just okay....not fantastic. A bit dry and the flavour just tasted like quail, especially since they served it with that salt on the side.

Some sort of beef cubes with mushrooms amd greens ($21.80)

Fried rice ($14.80)

Complimentary fruit

Complimentary red bean dessert soup

I saw that they had Baked Sago Pudding on the dessert menu, which had 'reservation essential' written next to it. Drool. I wish I could have ordered that, but I was so full after eating my share of the lobster. Everyone else was as well, and most of the other dishes went untouched. In fact, we had to take four doggie boxes home!


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