On Ramen, Haymarket

I'm going to make a big call now.

On Ramen has the best katsu chicken. Ever.

It is light and moist. The batter isn't too thick but is just crispy enough to make you go mmmm.

I ordered a katsu chicken and ramen set ($12.90)

Small salad that comes with the set. Very nice.
The famed chicken katsu. The pieces are very thin so you can gobble this up in no time.

The large bowl of ramen that comes with the set. I didn't specify what soup base I wanted (I didn't know if you could?) but it was tonkotsu which was great because I LOVE tonkotsu soup!

My friend ordered the chicken yakitori and ramen set (I think it was 11.90? Can't remember...)

These skewers were pretty good. The chicken was interspersed with onion slices and tasted fresh.

(For some reason, the following picture makes me feel dizzy. I think this is because my friend insisted on taking the photo themselves and didn't proportion the ramen in the shot accurately.)

This ramen had a shoyu base.

I think On Ramen is underrated. The servings are generous and the price is right. The interior is small but I've never had to wait for a seat.

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