Max Brenner, Wynyard

Yay! Another chocolate cafe!

I am loving these chocolate cafes that are springing up all over the CBD. They make the perfect place to go to for dessert, particularly now that the weather is getting cooler....

This new Max Brenner is very conveniently located on George Street and I am very pleased to report that the opening hours are till late!

Dark chocolate suckao.
There is a candle inside the mug, and you place the chocolate drops into the saucer on top of the mug. Then you pick up the spoon and voila, start sucking the hot chocolate up the metal handle! Careful, because it is hot hot hot!

Chocolate souffle - can you say YUM? My friend couldn't resist while I was fumbling with my camera and took a big bite

My only gripe is that the menu is a bit more limited than the other chocolate cafes . I think out of Lindt, Max Brenner and Guylian, I would pick Guylian first.You can't really fault their cake selection and the beautiful harbour views (and the complimentary Guylian chocolate!)


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