Just Another Restaurant (JAR), Darlinghurst

JAR has the potential to become my new favourite restaurant in Sydney.

This was my first visit but I was so impressed that I can't wait to go again.

It is hidden on the corner of Crown St and Stanley St in the city, which is about a ten minute walk from Oxford Street (or shorter if you cut some corners!)

The Chief and I met up here on a Thursday night to partake in their dinner special. I was surprised to see that the restaurant was mainly empty - is this because it was a weeknight? Considering the value of their dinner special; I would have thought that it would be packed to the rafters!

The atmosphere of JAR is very pleasant indeed.

Inside the restaurant

There is outdoor seating on the pavement and ample space for their indoor seating as well (which is fantastic because I don't really like restaurants that really jam pack tables in!)

Large windows on the side facing Crown Street have been opened and some cushions allow customers to sit along the window sill.

Our table

As I already mentioned, we were there to enjoy the Early Dinner Special which runs on Tues-Sat from 5.30pm to 8.00pm.

The Chief and I both decided to have three course option for $29.50.

Early Dinner Special details on the menu

Menu page

The friendly waitress recited the specials of the day and informed us that they could also be selected as part of the Early Dinner Special.

We placed our order and it wasn't long before the food arrived.

I chose the Poached Chicken Roulade as a starter.

Poached chicken roulade, tomato relish, salad ( $13.50 on the menu)

The relish actually wasn't tomato but tasted like mango. I love mango so I wasn't complaining at all!

This was a wonderful start to the meal. The poached chicken roulade had a thin layer of chicken skin that held the rolled chicken together. The three elements on the plate combined beautifully and I smeared the relish over both the chicken and bits of the salad.

The Chief went for the Green Bean Salad.

Green bean salad, red onions, feta cheese and lemon dressing ($12.50)

As the Chief and I chatted, night time began to fall and unfortunately this meant that the following photos aren't the best because the lighting became quite dark.

For my main, I chose one of the specials of the day.

Fettucine with king prawns

The pasta was a generous serving and I was delighted to discover that the prawns were fresh, not frozen! There were also more prawns than I expected, I think about six or so. The sauce was creamy but not too creamy (you know in that way how sometimes creamy pasta can get a bit too much about halfway through the plate...)

The Chief had ordered the Angel hair pasta and said it was delicious, finishing off every bite.

Angel hair pasta with crab, prawns, chilli, tomato, goats cheese and lemon ($22.00)

By this stage, we were both stuffed but then there is the separate dessert stomach....

My dessert of choice was the Orange pudding.

Orange pudding, whipped cream and chocolate ganache ($12)

Yes, it really was as gluttonous as it looks in that photo. What a hot mess.

The chocolate ganache had been melted and flowed over the orange pudding like warm lava.

The pudding itself was a bit disappointing. I was expecting something moist and soft but this was hard, like a fruit cake.

The Chief ordered the brulée of the day.

Brulée of the day ($12.00)

I can't remember what the brulée of the day was.....but it did have some sort of fruit in it. I think pear? I had a small taste and the top had a satisfying crack.

The service was attentive throughout the meal with the waitstaff enquiring how our meals were.

I look forward to returning and trying more of their food!

85a Stanley St, Darlinghurst
(Corner of Crown and Stanley Street).

P.S. I just noticed that they have an online booking system now. How convenient! I think more restaurants should have online booking :)

P.P.S. On our walk back to the city, the Chief and I saw that Town Hall has been lit up for Christmas!

Yay for Christmas spirit!


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  1. That special is really good value!

  2. That pudding is not visible for all that ganache cloaking it! Too bad it wasn't that great because there is always a separate dessert stomach =p

  3. Hi Mobblees: Yes it is, I want to go back a second time to see if it's as good the next time round!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse: Ah, the separate dessert stomach....After travelling the states and being faced with their gigantic portion sizes, my theory has now changed to 'If you REALLY push yourself with the entree and main, it is possible for some encroachment to happen onto the dessert stomach'. Sad but true. Of course, in Australia, where we have reasonable serving sizes, the dessert tank can remain pure and unencumbered.