About Me

Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

You might be wondering - what kind of amateur food blog is this?

We have both always loved to read food blogs and used to spend an inordinate amount of time reporting to friends about places that we had tried. So the perfect solution was to create a blog where we could post a short report and also show some photos (that we admittedly take rather quickly with my phone - hey, you don't want the food to get cold!)

And since then, The Food Book has just been growing from strength to strength! It's updated as often as possible with posts about restaurants, products and anything else food-related so check the blog whenever you can.

Retrodaze co-writes this blog with another foodie, Kogepanman who eats almost as much as she does.

Comments are always welcome so please feel free to get in touch using the form in the link above.

Have fun looking around!

Retrodaze and Kogepanman

Some small housekeeping:

  • Please be careful when deciding to visit a restaurant.  In this tough economic climate, restaurants in Sydney are rapidly opening, closing down, renovating, changing names and moving locations.  To be safe, please google to be sure that the restaurant is still there.
  • We write the posts for fun and don't have the dedication to carry around a proper camera to take food photos.
FRIENDLY DISCLAIMER:  We are not food critics nor food experts by any means.  We just like writing about food!


We have been writing about food in Sydney since 2009. No place is too far or too wide for us to travel to visit. We always give an honest opinion and love to hear your comments too. Here's to an ever-growing society of foodies!