Irvins salted egg potato chips, Singapore

A family friend recently came to visit us from Singapore and brought over some souvenirs. Now normally I'm not a big fan of souvenirs but in this case it was food related and I was intrigued!

She had brought over the latest food fad in Singapore which was salted duck egg potato chips! Omggggg..... I cannot believe someone actually made this! For those who haven't heard of this flavour, it's basically a type of flavouring which is used in Singaporean and Malaysian cooking - primarily in cooking seafood such as crab and prawns.

The flavours are super addictive and is like a salty eggy taste which is hard to explain. It is definitely an acquired taste though as not everyone that tried them liked them. But in Singapore at the moment they are a huge hit with this company basically specializing in just this product and people lining up en masse to buy them - in some places it is literally sold out. Retailing at around $8 AUD it is not an easy feat to gain such a strong following.

The packet below - you can see the warning label - "Dangerously addictive" - it should probably also read "Dangerously bad for people with cholesterol problems" lol

Other information at the back - interestingly no nutritional information.

Now I failed to take a photo whilst I was eating them so I had to resort to a stock photo below. The chips int he packet basically look like this. The chips are thinly sliced and include some of the deep fried curry leaves that you get in the usual salted egg dishes. The flavour is very rich and salty but with also a creaminess to it. It is very hard to explain. The are very flavoursome and some find the taste to be overpowering. You probably couldn't eat a whole pack in one seating without something to cut through that oiliness.

But overall an amazing chip flavour - if you're coming back from Singapore - feel free to send a pack my way!


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