Sparrow Mill, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Can you believe after all these years of eating KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) I've actually never tried the Snow Cheese version?? Well that finally changed last Friday when we went to Sparrow Mill - famous for their fried chicken and two huge plates of chicken - one of which is the infamous snow cheese.

Snow cheese fried chicken (half serve) - $19 - I loved the dusting of cheese that was on top of the usual crispy fried chicken. The version at Sparrow Mill is extra crunchy and it's no wonder that there's always a huge queue outside. The cheese itself is more of a seasoning powder more than real cheese, but it just added that extra flavour kick to the chicken. Bit like hot and spicy KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) chicken compared to original recipe.

Fried chicken with shallots (half serve) - $19 - For whatever reason I can never turn down the stock standard fried chicken with shallots. Perhaps its the freshness of the shallots that cuts through the crispiness of the chicken or perhaps its because I feel like its the serve of vegetables that I should having with any meal, but whatever the reason, I went for it again here. And boy was it good!

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