Sichuan Impression, Campsie, Sydney inner west

Something different on Beamish street, Campsie. Not sure if its a new place or if I've just never noticed it, but it is a Sichuan restaurant. Serving spicy Sichuan cuisine, it seems one of the key attractions is that you can BYO drinks with no corkage! There were plenty of tables taking advantage of this offer, bringing in icey cold six packs from the nearest bottle-O and chowing down on some fine Chinese cuisine. 

We didn't have alcohol so just enjoyed some tasty dishes.

Kung pao chicken - little morsels of chicken with a medley of vegetables and dried chilis and peppers. Not too spicy but enough there to be hot.

Fried beans with pork mince - probably not the healthiest bean dish as it is deep fried, haha, but it is super delicious. The pork mince provides the protein and a nice texture.

Spicy handmade wontons - plump parcels of prawn and pork wrapped in a silky smooth wonton pastry and soaked in a spicy sauce.


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