Golden Lotus Chinese restaurant, Hurstville, Sydney South

Golden Lotus Chinese restaurant has got to be one of the best value Chinese restaurants in Hurstville at the moment. You really need to be a local to know about it though as I'm pretty sure its not heavily advertised nor does it have any major signage. In fact, it is hidden inside the Hurstville RSL club away from the main shopping areas of Hurstville, across the trian tracks. For reference, it is located here: website.

If you want to have a dinner here you must go early in order to get a table. My oldies love having early dinner so this was perfect for them. We arrived just before 6pm and got a table quickly however within 30 minutes the past was packed with lines snaking out the door. For a mere $60 bucks you get to select a number of dishes from the menu + unlimited steamed rice and Chinese tea. Note of caution - I'm not sure if they have changed this price already given the huge demand.

Below were the dishes we got, however you can also get others.

XO pippies 

Chinese cabbage 

Hot pot of bitter melon, tofu and pork

Pork ribs/chops in sweet vinegar sauce

Beef ribs stir fried with green beans


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