Naruone, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Naruone is one of those Korean restaurants that are in the city that are best known for their Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) dishes. Pretty much everyone that eats here will order the fried chicken. Even when there is just the two of you and the minimum serving sizes seem to be for at least groups of 5-6, you still have to order chicken.

Here we ordered the half and half chicken - half original and half spicy. Luckily whatever you don't finish you can always doggy bag away.

Half Half Korean Fried Chicken - $36 - The friend original chicken was my favourite. An ear-shattering crunch accompanied every bite. The only flavour was the chicken itself and perhaps a light dusting of salt. In contrast, the spicy chicken had a thick lather of spicy sauce drizzled all over which made it less crunchy but more flavoursome. Both sides were boneless which made it so much easier to eat.

We just coudn't go home without some sort of carb dish and so we got the classic bibimbap. As you know, the stone bowl version of bibbimbap

Sizzling Stone Bibimbap -$15

Burger Co. by Kingston, Hurstville Westfields rooftop, Sydney inner south

If you haven't been to Westfields Hurstville lately, now is a great time to check it out. The place has been lightly refurbished, there are a few new shops that have taken up the old Myer areas and the place feels more alive. Unfortunately this means that it is also quite busy.

One of the other good things about the Westfields now is that they have converted the carpark space on the very top level (where the cinema is) to be a rooftop dining area. Whilst its not yet 100% finalised with a few restaurants to still open up shop, its a good alternative to the restaurants on the street.

On this occasion we tried Burger co. Saturday night and it was surprisingly quiet, which makes me think that perhaps people don't realise there are dining options up here yet, or perhaps they were scared off by the earlier wet weather. Whatever the reason, it meant that we had plenty of choices of seating and no wait for our food.

Large serving of waffle fries - $7 - This immediately caught our eye on the menu and we had to order it. Crispy waffle shaped fries which came with a few dipping sauces. The fries themselves are relatively well seasoned so I felt you didn't really need the sauces. Really good fries.

Beef burger (Longhorn?) - $14 - There's a few burger choices with different fillings on the menu. This was one of the beef choices. It's a bit hard to see whats in it here, so I've done a bit of a food porn shot below where I've sliced it in half.

American cheese, brioche style bun, Aussie beef, lettuce, tomato, onion with burger co.s special sauce. Very flavoursome burger.

Chicken burger (Henely?) - $12  - One of the chicken burgers on offer here. I think this was the most basic.

Food porn shot - you can see the amount of sauce here. Other than the sauce, there was also lettuce and chicken. The chicken was nicely grilled and not dry at all. The bun is the same as the beef burger bun.

Empty when we arrived, but semi- full when we left. There is indoor, outdoor, booth and communal seating available.

A decent burger place for Hurstville as they don't really have any good burger joints there at the moment that I know of.

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Kazuki, Hurstville, Sydney South

With Kagaya closed we weren't sure at first where we would get our Japanese hit in Hurstville any more. However, I remembered a while ago I did try Kazuki and so suggested that we revisit this hole in the wall Japanese restaurant for dinner.

The place was pretty full on Friday night but we managed to get a table. The menu was basic and I'm not really sure the chefs are Japanese, but overall the dishes were OK. 

Service was a bit slow and they would do well if they could put on a few more workers during busy periods - especially as they seemed to get a lot of takeaway orders at the same time. We ordered our dishes and there was a bit of a long wait before our dishes arrived.

Kaarage chicken bento - $14- A cue of agadashi tofu, five pieces of golden fried kaarage, three thin slices of salmon with three edamame, a roll of vegetarian sushi and some tempura. Each component was decent but nothing ground breaking here. Not sure if it was worth the wait.

Beef ramen - $12 - A watery soup base and a mound of thinly slice beef. A pretty plain ramen and though there was nothing terribly wrong with it, it also wasn't particularly enjoyable.

A pale substitute for our previous go-to Japanese in Hurstville. Not sure we would go here again. Ken's in Bexley North or Sushi Hiro in Beverly Hills would be much preferred.

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