Petaling Street, Kingsford, Sydney

Visiting my old university haunt of Anzac parade Kingsford for dinner brought us to Petaling Street. A relatively new restaurant that definitely wasn't around when I was there during my university days, it seemed to be quite popular.

The menu had a comprehensive listing of Malaysian favourites and service was quick and faultless.

Hainanese Chicken Rice - $10.80 - Boneless chicken soaked in a light soy sauce. Accompanied with chili dipping sauce, ginger dipping sauce, a mound of chicken rice and a bowl of chicken soup. Chicken was moist and tender, but just felt a tad on the lacking side in terms of quantity.

Char Kway Teow - $11.50 - Flavours were there but the noodles were a bit overcooked so were a bit soft/soggy compared to what I'm used to. Similarly to the other dish, it felt like the dish was a bit on the small side. Interestingly it had 'lap cheung' or Chinese sausage in it which not all places put into this dish.

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Lucio Pizzeria, Zetland, Sydney

Following our recent visit to Zetland to try out their Ribs and Burgers restaurant, we were back there again for dinner recently. Though the main reason for our visit was to stock up on coconut water at the fruit market on the ground floor! Here they sell Pete Evan's Raw C coconut water for a ridiculously low price. It used to be 4 x 1L cartons for $10, but more recently its a little bit higher at a box of 12 for $40. Compared to Woolies which sells it for $6 a carton it is a considerable discount! Given the amount of coconut water we churn through when making smoothies hopefully this place will keep their prices low!

Anyways, after stocking up on the coconut, we proceeded to head to Lucio's, a certified Napoli Pizza restaurant. What this means is that Lucio's has been certified by the organisation which ensures the restaurants which have the certification follow the strict quality and process to ensure pizzas that are made follow the true characteristics of a Napoli Pizza.

The place was pretty busy even though it was only 630ish and we were lucky to grab a table just on the edges.

Pizza special of the day - Italian sausage, smoked buffalo mozzarella -$25 - The Napoli pizza was wood fired to a nice, slightly charred crust. The pizza base light and thin. Minimalist toppings of mushrooms, sausage, mozzarella on a white sauce base allows the flavour of the pizza base to come through.

Pasta special of the day - Seafood spaghetti - $32 - Price is slightly on the high side for this dish, bu the flavours are spot on. The seafood was wonderfully fresh and as you can see from the below, was more than plentiful.

The place was absolutely buzzing.

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Cafe Rumah, Surry Hills, CBD inner

After reading Chocolate Suze's post about the Bak Kwa French Toast, I just had to make tracks to Cafe Rumah ASAP. And so last weekend we rushed over just before it closed at 4pm and managed to sneak in an order for a serving of french toast and a coffee. Lucky we came at that time because the cafe itself isn't very large and so doesn't have much seating if it was during a peak period.

The staff a friendly and chilled and took our order without issue and so below I document my enjoyment of the Bak Kwa French toast.

Here it is in all its glory. Note that the price of this mountain of goodness is $14, so not terribly cheap, but the serving size is probably large enough to share between 2. 

Pulling off the top layer of toast you can see there is a fried egg which is just cooked enough to keep the yolk runny. The bak kwa is marinated to perfection with the spices that you would expect and there does also seem to have a bit of chili hit to this one. It's a bit different to other bak kwas I've also too, in that this one seemed to be made of sliced pork rather than mince pork and so retains a bit more of the texture of the meat. Drizzled over the egg is a kind of mayo.

Cutting into the toast you have to try and get a bit of all the elements in your mouth to fully savour the taste. As you can see, the egg was running every where but luckily there was plenty of toast to mop it up.

Be careful though as they serve the toast on a sheet of paper (why I have no idea) which means that this paper does become soggy, and if you are not careful, you end up having a chunk of it in your mouth along with your toast.

We also ordered a coconut latte as they dont' do the traditional kopi or teh tarik (though they do do the Milo Dino). A bit of a strange combination this one and not sure if I'm a fan. Kind of tastes like a coffee with a splash of coconut milk. 

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Bang Lee Hwang, Belmore, Sydney

Belmore is like a baby version of Strathfield in terms of Korean restaurants. There are plenty of Koren restaurants there but they don't seem to be as popular as the ones in Strathfield at the moment. What is great about the Belmore places is that it is a bit more homely. The further you head away from the train station, the more it seems that way.

The good thing about a home cooked meal is that it just has that inexplainable taste that makes it feel like someone you know cooked it for you. The unfortunate things is that it also means that the meals sometimes take a bit longer to come out.

At Bang Lee Hwang, although the restaurant was relatively empty, we were warned of the wait for our dishes before we even ordered, lol.

Crispy Fried Chicken with shallots - $17 - I always wondered who first came up with the idea that having fried chicken with shallots would be a good combo. Such a simple idea, which seems to pop up on Korean cuisine menus. Here the chicken is crisp with a very light dressing of soy sauce. Enough to add some flavour but not enough to make the coating soggy. The raw shallots provides a refreshing contrast to the fried chicken.

Seafood Black Bean noodle on plate - $25 - A thick pile of noodles with a rich black bean sauce. This plate was literally humongous and we struggled to finish it all. It was loaded with onion, prawn, beef chunks and sprinkled with some random peas. The onion was slightly overpowering as you can see in the picture below. The ratio of onion to noodle was almost 50/50!

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The coast golf club, Little Bay, Sydney

Little Bay - A little known place on the East coast of Sydney. It has a beach but its relatively small and the water is a bit rough so it's not as popular as many of the other Eastern suburb beaches. It also has a really beautiful golf course and with it a nice golf club house. It sits on top of the cliff and overlooks the greens and the cliffs. Whilst the decor is probably due for an upgrade, the bistro food and beers more than make up for it.

Chorizo and Prawn risotto - $24 - caramelized chorizo sausage and prawns with napolitano cream and shaved parmesan. The single prawn on top actually disguises the number of delicious morsels of prawn hidden inside the red sea of risotto. Rich and flavoursome sauce, a really nice risotto.

Wagyu beef burger - $15 - 150 gram wagyu patty, lettuce, cheese, bacon, pickle, mustard mayo, tomato relish and fries. The fries whilst look underwhelming in the photo below, were actually pretty good, cooked fresh and piping hot with a crunchy outside, they went perfectly with the burger. The burger itself - wow. I was impressed, the bacon and cheese combo is too good with a lightly toasted brioche bun, it was indeed droolworthy.

Combined with a few beers, this was a very nice afternoon.


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