Kreta Ayer, Ashfield, Sydney Inner West

This is a bit of a catchup post of a group visit to Kreta Ayer a few weeks back. We basically went there and stuffed ourselves with whatever we felt like eating. By the end of the meal we had to allocate all the food to be eaten by each person so that we wouldn't waste anything even though we were well and truly stuffed.

The dishes we ordered were:

Singapore chili barramundi - $17.80 - the sauce here was nice, but the fish was deep fried and as such the meat was a bit dry.

I can't remember what this is but i think it is the boneless garlic chili chicken - a cold dish but very tasty.

Shrimp paste deep fried chicken - $13.80 - this was a bit like chicken nuggets. The shrimp paste was noticeable but not overwhelming.

Kreta ayer chili squid - $12.80 - probably the worst dish of the night despite its look. It was quite bland

Chili shallot boneless chicken - another cold boneless chicken dish - voted the most popular dish of the night due to the amount of flavour infused into the chicken through the sauce.

Steamed egg tofu with mushrooms - a lighter vegetable dish to balance the meats. Could have done with more mushroom, but the tofu was super smooth and silky.

Singapore chili eggplant -$10.80 - Another vegetable dish, simple but tasty.

Vegetable $8.80 - We really wanted kang kung but they had ran out (along with our other 2 choices) so we ended up with this.

Roti with curry sauce - $6 - probably didn't need this given the number of dishes. Really really needed more curry sauce here.

Tofu far - $10-  A nice refreshing dessert to finish the meal. Sugar syrup is provided and can be added at your own discretion.

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