Jiang Nan Kitchen, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Located right on Goulburn Street near Sydney's Chinatown is Jiang Nan kitchen. Only 50 metres or so from Mamak, it is a perfect place to go grab some Chinese cuisine if you don't want to wait in the long lines for Mamak. Spread over 2 floors, there is usually plenty of tables even for bigger groups.

We grabbed a table upstairs and quickly made our order.

Tofu with vegetable ~ $10 - A pretty pleasant dish with the sauce on the tofu providing the bulk of the flavour. Disappointingly, the bok choy wasn't hot which suggested it was probably pre-cooked.

Beef and black pepper sauce ~$18 - tender chunks of beef in a pepper sauce. Lots of beef which is never a bad thing.

Handmade wontons in Spicy sauce - $8.80 - despite the spicy looking chili sauce, these wontons were a tad bland.

Homemade chicken soup $26.80 - A very hearty chicken soup.

Silverfish with egg white - $19.80 - by Silverfish I think they meant white bait and not actualy the silverfish insect, haha. Strange texture but very enjoyable.

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