Naruone, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Naruone is one of those Korean restaurants that are in the city that are best known for their Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) dishes. Pretty much everyone that eats here will order the fried chicken. Even when there is just the two of you and the minimum serving sizes seem to be for at least groups of 5-6, you still have to order chicken.

Here we ordered the half and half chicken - half original and half spicy. Luckily whatever you don't finish you can always doggy bag away.

Half Half Korean Fried Chicken - $36 - The friend original chicken was my favourite. An ear-shattering crunch accompanied every bite. The only flavour was the chicken itself and perhaps a light dusting of salt. In contrast, the spicy chicken had a thick lather of spicy sauce drizzled all over which made it less crunchy but more flavoursome. Both sides were boneless which made it so much easier to eat.

We just coudn't go home without some sort of carb dish and so we got the classic bibimbap. As you know, the stone bowl version of bibbimbap

Sizzling Stone Bibimbap -$15


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  1. Korean food seems to be picking up steam in Sydney I think. I see a lot of stores popping up offering that cuisine. And no complaints from me about that either!