Uncle Tetsu's, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Uncle Tetsu's! Apparently the best selling cheesecake in the universe according to the slogans in the shop, has just opened at Regent place (next to KFC) on Sydney's George Street.

It hasn't officially opened yet but has had a 'soft opening' where they were starting to sell their original cheesecake to whoever was willing to brave the long snaking line to get in and buy one.

Luckily there is a line monitor or two who were managing the queue to ensure that people lined up in an orderly fashion. Speaking to him, the wait would only be 20 minutes and so we waited...and patiently waited some more.

Peering into the windows we could see an army of staff dutifully and meticulously preparing each cheesecake by hand. The bottleneck does seem to be the front desk as there is only one person serving.

We even spotted Uncle Tetsu himself!

The menu has a few options but at the soft open they only have their original cheesecake for $15 on sale.

Finally we got our cheesecake which was (as expected from a Japanese business) packaged beautifully in a paper bag and then in a cool cardboard box.

There's no where to sit in the shop as it mainly serves as a takeaway, so we (and a lot of other people) decided to pop over to grab a few wicked wings and enjoy our cheesecake at KFC.

Opening it up, the cheesecake is baked to a golden brown top and looks like a small round cushion.

Diggy into the cheesecake it is just so ridiculously soft and creamy. The texture is like a super light chiffon cake. The cheese is Australian and is like a cream cheese taste. Even though the cake itself is light, the cheesy-ness of the cake means that it does fill you up quite quickly - especially if you just had a huge dinner beforehand, haha.

If the line is not too long, this cheesecake is definitely worth trying very different from other cheesecakes available.

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  1. Wow. A 20 minute wait is not a short period of time! That cheese cake had better be worth it! Makes me feel like it would be a nice treat for my self storage staff one of these days if I can catch an off-peak time for cake!