Tin Thai, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Tin Thai is a new suburban Thai (duh) restaurant which recently opened on Kingsgrove road, fairly close to the train station. It does home delivery and takeaway, but also has a few tables for sit in dining. The staff are polite and quick and the decor neat and tidy. A decent place to sit down and enjoy some Thai food.

Crispy chicken wings - $7.00 - Seven bucks for six or so wings/mini drumsticks is a bargain. Though they are simply cooked with a light soy marinade and deep fried, this entree will surely get your tastebuds going. Served with a side of sweet chili sauce.

Mixed vegetable and tofu - $11.50 - Could do with a few more pieces of tofu given it is is a tofu dish, however the sauce made up for it. 

Massman curry beef - $13.50 - The beef wasn't bad, slow cooked and falling apart as you pick it up, though the curry sauce could have been a bit more thicker. The flavours however are bang on.

No hassle Thai in a convenient location.

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