Spago, Beverly Hills, Sydney South West

A hidden gem in Beverly Hills which we first blogged about back in 2012 (Spago 2012 visit). Our comment back then was that we hoped that this place would be around for some time unlike some other unfortunate restaurants on the King Georges Road strip.

Lucky for us it still is around and not only that, it is actually doing very well! You will definitely have to make a booking or arrive pretty early to secure a seat during peak periods. The menu has evolved and some prices have gone up, but all in all, Spago's still provides a great balance between cosy/romantic and great value Italian.

Garlic prawns and chorizo - $15 - For entrees we had the prawns. Five pan-fried king prawns (big and fat, split down the middle), thinly slice pieces of chorizo all seasonsed with chili, garlic, paprika and butter. Would have been good if there was a tad more chili, but other than that, a great dish to get our tastebuds going.

Squid ink spaghetti - $27 - One of the dishes that I think everyone who dines here usually orders. The squid ink spaghetti itself whilst appearing quite bold, actually has a very mild taste. What I really like about the dish are the mounds and mounds of crab meat. Whilst some places would skimp and only put a pinch of crab meat on top, here I found myself almost having more crab meat than I had spaghetti to balance! The sauce was a light and tangy, with lime, cherry tomatoes and garlic.

 Fettuccine Amatriciana - $22 - A more simple dish compared to the spaghetti but no less delicious. Surprisingly this pasta dish had a bit more of a chili kick than the above. It also had the lovely smokieness of the bacon coming through which went well with the tomato based sauce.

Spago chips with truffle aioli - $8 - We normally don't order sides, but we were feeling like we really wanted to indulge our Fat Friday instincts and so we ordered these fries. Similar in shape to Maccers fries, but crispier. They were also interestingly generally quite short fries in terms of length which isn't something I've seen before. The truffle aioli was just so moreish it made you keep reaching back for more and more chips despite how bloated we were by the end of the meal!

They also have some nice desserts on the menu, but we decided to be good and did not get dessert. Unfortunately by the time we left the door, we changed our minds and ended up at Pancakes at the Rocks down the road - d'uh!

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