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After reading Chocolate Suze's post about the Bak Kwa French Toast, I just had to make tracks to Cafe Rumah ASAP. And so last weekend we rushed over just before it closed at 4pm and managed to sneak in an order for a serving of french toast and a coffee. Lucky we came at that time because the cafe itself isn't very large and so doesn't have much seating if it was during a peak period.

The staff a friendly and chilled and took our order without issue and so below I document my enjoyment of the Bak Kwa French toast.

Here it is in all its glory. Note that the price of this mountain of goodness is $14, so not terribly cheap, but the serving size is probably large enough to share between 2. 

Pulling off the top layer of toast you can see there is a fried egg which is just cooked enough to keep the yolk runny. The bak kwa is marinated to perfection with the spices that you would expect and there does also seem to have a bit of chili hit to this one. It's a bit different to other bak kwas I've also too, in that this one seemed to be made of sliced pork rather than mince pork and so retains a bit more of the texture of the meat. Drizzled over the egg is a kind of mayo.

Cutting into the toast you have to try and get a bit of all the elements in your mouth to fully savour the taste. As you can see, the egg was running every where but luckily there was plenty of toast to mop it up.

Be careful though as they serve the toast on a sheet of paper (why I have no idea) which means that this paper does become soggy, and if you are not careful, you end up having a chunk of it in your mouth along with your toast.

We also ordered a coconut latte as they dont' do the traditional kopi or teh tarik (though they do do the Milo Dino). A bit of a strange combination this one and not sure if I'm a fan. Kind of tastes like a coffee with a splash of coconut milk. 

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