Ol Ba Tan, Sydney CBD, Sydney

Good ol Ol Ba Tan. The lesser known Korean BBQ on Pitt street. Everyone has heard of Madang, but right next door is Ol Ba Tan - just as good but generally less busy. They'v actually just done a big renovation so now is the perfect time to check it out.

Normally we come with a big group and eat our body weight worth of BBQ meat and drink Soju till we barely understand each other,  however on this occasion we were just here the two of us for a light Korean dinner.

Chili pork ~$18 - a thick chili sauce coated the pieces of pork which sat on a bed of freshly chopped mixed vegies. The dish wasn't too spicy but it became increasingly so the more you ate. This went nicely with a bowl of steamed rice.

The best thing about Korean restaurants - no matter what you order you always get side dishes!

Beef hot pot stew - $19 - we naively ordered two chili dishes thinking that it would be OK. We were wrong. Although neither dish on their own were terribly hot, the combination of the two caused the heat levels to go up and up. This stew did go well with the steamed rice also and we ended up finishing it all, beef bones, mushrooms, tofu chunks, potato pieces and all.


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