Canton Noodle House, Burwood, Sydney West

Hmmmm, it wasn't until I uploaded the photos from this lunch at Canton Noodle House that I realised, how unhealthy it is! Everything is very oily and deep-fried! Arggghh, why are the yummy foods always the most unhealthy!

Anyways, here we are at Canton Noodle House in Burwood. Located right on Burwood road slightly opposite the main Westfields entrance, this place is always packed. This afternoon was no exception and there was a line out the door.

When we eventually got in, service got our orders messed up but I wasn't particularly looking forward to the service, lol. 

Crispy skin chicken with shang tung sauce ~$15 - I love it when they separate the accompanying sauce to a dish that's meant to be crispy. It actually allows the skin to stay crispy and each person to decide how much sauce they want to have on their serving. This chicken was flawless though could have been a bit larger a dish.

Soft shell crab salt and pepper style ~$15 - chunks of deep fried soft shell crab, lightly coated in a flour base with shallots, chilies and garlic garnish. Crunchy goodness.

Calamari salt and pepper style ~$15 - Our love for deep-fried salt and pepper seafood items is clearly on show here with this dish. Surprisingly this wasn't as nice as the previous times we've ordered it with a clear lacking of the salt and pepper seasoning. Though the calamari was cooked nicely.

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