Bona Fides, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

Bona Fides cafe - there are two around the city and being the penny pinchers that we are, we always hop on to the deal vouchers whenever they come up with a decent offer on Groupon etc.

On this occasion, we grabbed the deal for a lunch time meal for two at the one at Darling Harbour at the Tokio hotel. Normally I don't eat at Darling Harbour given that you tend to pay more for the views than the actual food. But once in a while, if you can get a good deal it's not bad just sitting back and enjoying the sights like a tourist.

Garlic Prawn - $19.90 - four or five prawns simmering in a terracotta pot of tomato and garlic sauce. A no-brainer combo and hard to go wrong. The crusty toasted bread was useful for soaking up the remaining sauce

Stuffed zucchini flowers - $19.90 - I remember having this at another Bona Fides branch and it's not bad. The garden salad underneath is nothing to write home about, but the zucchini flowers are lightly battered and fresh.

Seafood platter for two - $69 - And here was the main attraction. A two tier platter of hot seafood to share.

Top plate a handful of grilled prawns on a bed of garden salad. Salad is the same as other dishes but the star here really is the prawns

Bottom tier - battered morsels of fish, calamari, ocotpus, prawn on a bed of thick cut chips. The first few pieces are absolutely heaven, but as with most deep fried food, but the last mouthful you begin to wish you had stopped a few servings ago. Luckily there were two of this to finish this off.

Bona Fides Restaurant at Tokio Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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