Crown Dragon Restaurant, Kogarah

I first posted about Crown Dragon Restaurant in 2009 - link here if anyone feels like a blast from the past.

 It is now about five years later and the restaurant is still there! That is great for Sydney's dining scene. With so many Chinese restaurants opening and closing on a regular basis, five years is a cause for celebration. Particularly for those restaurants located inside RSL/ Leagues clubs as they tend to be tucked away from the public eye.

In my most recent visit, I was pleased to discover that the quality of the dim sum at this restaurant is still noticeably better than its local brethren.  The dumpling skins are thinner, pastry is flakier and the dishes generally seem fresher.

Here are some pics of what we ate;

In this yum cha session, we tried the Peking duck.  It is not for those on a budget - one serve is charged as a dish by itself and the serving size is average.  A thin piece of duck placed on a pancake with a smidgen of sauce.  Would I get it again?  Simply no.  Save your money for the regular dim sum.

Since my last visit, I have since discovered a 'new' dim sum that has become a favourite of mine. Custard buns filled with a hot liquid salted duck egg yolk.  See below for an 'xray' of the bun.

It is delicious!  But a word of warning - the centre is HOT, it will burn your tongue if you're not careful.

Despite this new favourite, I couldn't help but also order an old favourite.  Egg tarts will always have a special place in my heart.

If you find yourself wandering the Hurstville/ Carlton area for a yum cha, give Crown Dragon a try.  I think you will also be pleasantly surprised.  The prices are a tiny bit dearer but the quality makes up for it.

Crown Dragon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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