Vietnam Restaurant, Port Adelaide, Adelaide

As part of our trip to Adelaide, we were recommended to visit one of the best Vietnamese restaurants in town - aptly known as Vietnam restaurant

Interestingly, this restaurant wasn't located in the well known inner city foodie streets such as Gouger or Peel, but a 20 minute drive towards Port Adelaide. Basically located on a suburban street, parking is easy to find in the adjacent side streets.

We arrived fairly late at around 830pm and the place was packed! Large groups of people filled up the inside and outdoor seating of the restaurant and we were very lucky to get ourselves a small table for 2. Whilst we were eating, people continued to trickle in and so I imagine they open quite late.

The decor inside is like a typical 80's Asian restaurant and not that spectacular, but the food and service was great!

XO pippies and deep fried dough sticks ~$30 -  Holy moly this XO sauce was so freaking delicious. Just look at the shiny golden brown goodness. It had just the right amount of chili, seafood flavour and was the perfect consistent. We scooped as much sauce as we could for each pippie and used the dough sticks to mop up every last drop.


DIY rice paper rolls - pork cane skewers and pork and prawn cane skewers ~ 25  - This is one of their specialties and at first we were hesitant to order this as we didn't want to have any leftovers but our waiter insisted on us trying it and gave us the option of having a mix between the pork and prawn skewers. These skewers were mince balls of pork and/or prawn sitting on skewers made of sugar cane which infused its sweetness into the meat. This is then chargrilled for for that smokey flavour.

It's a do-it-yourself dish so that means you get a plate of the rice paper rolls and a bowl of hot water to cook the rolls in and a dish of fillings to roll yourself. This means you can make them as big or small as you like and your choice of fillings for each roll.

Vietnamese sticky rice hot pot ~$15 - A sizzling stone pot of rice absolutely loaded with toppings. The key ingredient being the raw egg which the waiter theatrically mixes into the rice for you. The combination of flavours is amazing and the best bits are those crunchy pieces of rice stuck to the bottom of the pot.


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