Devon on Danks, Waterloo

Although I live overseas for the time being, I do keep abreast of popular Sydney eats. One place that frequently pops up on instagram is Devon on Danks.  Its popularity was proven when I was recently in Sydney for a visit, and my friend nominated it as a great place to catch up.

Street parking near the cafe isn't too hard to find, although we did meet there on a weekday so it may be more difficult on weekends.

There were two things on the cafe menu that amused me.  Firstly, plain hot water costs $1.  Is it just me, or is that a bit unattractive?

Secondly, drip coffee is listed on the menu as having a 'market price'. Which, FYI is $6.  I have never seen coffee with a market price before!  I guess it is due to the price of the beans used?

Below is the drip coffee:

I ordered an iced orange mocha which came in a cute little bottle. Very cute, hipster presentation. Taste wise, I was not blown away.  It kind of tasted like a cold iced chocolate mixed with orange juice.

We ordered a side of chips which came out first.  It was served with little pot of kewpie mayo.

I did my research beforehand and Breakfast with the Sakumas was repeatedly mentioned as this cafes 'signature dish'.  At $27, it is certainly pushing the very high end of the brunching price spectrum but I still ordered it in the interest of tasting this famed dish.

Breakfast with the Sakumas ($27)
Roasted king salmon, potato noodle, clam and miso butter, onsen egg, furikake, enoki, chives

It is a chunky piece of salmon which explains the price tag.  It is a heavy dish for a breakfast - I thought it was more suited to being a dinner main!  The miso butter sauce is very more-ish and there is a lot going on in the plate.  While I was eating it, the quote by Coco Chanel came into my mind 'Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.'  That quote could definitely apply to this plate of food.  The potato noodles, the endive mushrooms, the clams, the soft boiled egg -individually, they were all cooked perfectly.  Together, it started to churn in my stomach towards the end and if I had to choose something to subtract - I would take out the potato noodles.  Or the egg.

Ying Yang Chicken Salad ($19)
Poached free range chicken breast, lettuce, soft egg, sesame dressing, zucchini, witlof, snow peas, bread crumbs

Cronnie ($6.50)

The cronnie is another oft-featured dish of the cafe.  This one was the last one left for the day and had a meringue with lime curd filling.  It was very sweet and runny.  We both thought it was similar in looks and taste to a normal danish and were a bit disappointed.

Overall, I enjoyed visiting the cafe but once is enough for the time being.

Devon on Danks Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. That is the 'Brunching with the Sakumas', not the original & signature 'Breakfast with the Sakumas', which has quite different elements, and in my opinion is far superior to the version you tried.