Chiswick at the Galleries, Sydney CBD

As the name suggests, Chiswick at the Galleries is located inside the Art Gallery of NSW.  For some reason, we were lacking common sense that day and blindly followed Google Maps which lead us to the motorway behind the art gallery.  In the hot Sydney summer heat, this was not as funny as it may sound!

Once we realised we were in the wrong place, we trekked back up to the Art Gallery entrance and found the restaurant.  The restaurant is sister to Matt Moran's Chiswick restaurant in Woollahra.

Our booking was for 12.30pm and the restaurant was fairly empty at that time.  By the time we finished our meal though, it was full.

The windows boast stunning views of the wharf and boats.

Feeling flustered and hot from our trek, I ordered a lychee and basil soda to cool myself down.  I couldn't really taste the lychee flavour and could only taste the basil after I viciously stabbed it at the bottom of my glass.

The menu is divided into small plates, mains and two big plates to share  (lamb or salmon).

I was surprised to find nothing on the main menu was particularly inspiring and the small plate sections was far more interesting.  My friend agreed, and we decided to share a selection of the small plates.

Smoked kingfish, apple, daikon, sorrel ($20)

The kingfish was my favourite dish.  The apple was refreshing and a lovely contrast to the smokiness of the kingfish.

Steak tartare, parsnip crisps ($22)

The steak tartare came close behind - I enjoyed the zingy marinade and freshness of the meat.

Prawn popcorn, romesco, iceberg ($19)

My friend found the prawn popcorn to be her favourite, but it was lacking in flavour for me.  The prawns tasted bland and the accompanying sauce didn't pack enough punch to make up for it. 

Hand cut chips, sea salt, house made ketchup ($9)

We had just enough room to share one dessert.

Coconut milk panna cotta, blood orange, sorrel ($16)

The presentation of the coconut milk panna cotta was very pretty.  I would have liked more coconut flavour in the panna cotta, it was a bit too mild for my tastes.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that the restaurant had become very full?  As the place filled up, service started to falter. The waitstaff were rushed off their feet.  Our dessert came out before our coffees.  We finished the dessert before the coffees came out.  When we asked for them, we were told they were 'on their way' and 'they're just being made now'.  It became clear that they were nowhere near close to being made as we continued to wait for them.  Finally they were brought out with an apology and offer to make them complimentary.

Despite the drop in service, I was still happy with the meal.  It is a great new addition to the dining options around the Domain area.

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