Meeting Morgan, Kingsgrove, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

 Meeting Morgan is a bit of a hidden gem in Kingsgrove. Located nowhere near the main strip of Kingsgrove road (which unfortunately does not have any many nice cafes) and in one of the suburban side streets surrounded by everyday homes is this little cafe.

Perfect for a lazy weekend breakfast in the burbs. They also have a kids room so if you have a young family the kids can go wild while you chow down on some brekky and coffee. They also do takeaway coffees and as its on the side streets there is plenty of parking off the street.

Omelette with toast -  Lightly toasted bread with a omelette of shaved leg ham, spinach, Parmesan cheese and tomato. Simply but tasty.

Vegetarian breakfast  - A healthy-ish option, avocado, 2 eggs, haloumi and mushroom and spinach on 2 slice of toast. Another simple but delicious option. You can see in the background there they serve Campos - one of my favourite coffees.

Not a fancy meal by any meals but if you're just too lazy to cook anything and want something quick and tasty, this is a great option.

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