Yang's Malaysian food truck, Various locations, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

I feel that the food truck revolution has really stepped up a notch after I tried Yang's food truck. As luck would have it, we stumbled across Yang's on Friday night at Pitt street mall in the Sydney CBD.
As you can see below, there was already a bunch of people lining up to try their offerings. We ordered and paid at the counter, grabbed our food, and the headed up to the Westfield foodcourt to grab a table to eat at.

Hainanese chicken wings ~$5 - Four super tasty chicken wings. An awesome twist on the classic Malaysian dish, complete with the chili sauce and slices of cucumber. The coating was light and has just enough flavouring to not really require the chili sauce. Served piping hot, I was pleasantly surprised.

Indo mee goreng - $5.00 - Such a simple dish, but the flavours were just so good. Mee goreng noodles, fried egg and some bok choy. The noodles themselves were to die for.

Soft shell chili crab - $9.00 - The highlight of all the dishes we had. Deep fried and crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, the mantou bun was delectable. The soft shell crab was lightly battered and deep fried. The chili sauce is just like what you'd get ordering it at the hawker markets. Need more sauce though!

One cup laksa - $7.00  - A simplified laksa that you can eat with just a spoon. The only downside is because it's in a cup, it means the toppings tend to be layered. E.g. noodles at the bottom, chicken at the top etc. The laksa soup itself was nice but super thick.

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