Kampong Boy, Hurstville, Sydney South

Guest blogger edition

Apparently Kampong Boy has been sitting in Hurstville for a while now. Located towards the library/north end of Hurstville, its right on Forest road - an area which used to be quite dead, but lately has seen a huge number of new restaurants open up, which hopefully I'll get to try at a later stage. Walking over, I can see that Lim's charcoal BBQ - an old familiar is still around but there's also some new Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese restaurants opens around there.

Having dinner at around 8pm on a Saturday, the restaurant wasn't too busy but it wasn't as busy as I might have expected. One of the firs things I noticed when at the table was that it was fairly cold in there- especially on a cold night like this, I think they really need to invest in some climate control devices. Otherwise patrons would just be shivering whilst eating.

Inside the decor is made to resemble the local street food stalls that you find in the suburbs of Kuala Lumper which is nice.

Teh Tarik - $4.00 - wonderfully frothy as you can see in the picture below

Fried seafood hor fun with eggy gravy - $13.80 - a runny gravy of egg white soaks the hor fun noodles and the medley of toppings, including asian greens, shallots, prawns, fish cakes and pork.

Lotus crispy fish -$19.80 - One of the specials of the day. The crispiness of the fish was somewhat reduced by the lather of sauce over the top. Although the sauce was itself very delicious, I would have preferred it to be separated to maintain the crispiness of the fish. A tasty dish nonetheless

Sambal eggplant with pork mince -$13.80 - My favourite of the dishes of the night. Eggplant cooked to perfection and the mince pork had the perfect amount of seasoning. Matched very well with a steaming hot bowl of rice.

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