Shanghai Fried Dumpling, Wolli Creek, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Wolli Creek finally has a new restaurant!

Right where all those spanky new apartments blocks are being built has opened up a Shanghai restaurant. It's a bit hard to find because it actually sits adjacent to the new Asian grocery store that has just opened also.

Not everything on the menu is available and at times there is a bit of confusion with ordering but this is understandable given that they've only just opened not long ago.

Fried rice ~ $12 - Combination fired rice, with bits of ham, carrot, peas, egg and mini shrimps. Pretty standard fare here and a tad bland for more liking. Nothing a shake of soy sauce doesn't fix though.

Xiao Long Baos or soupy dumplings as some people call them ~$10  - Made in store these morsels of goodness are mouthwateringly delicious. Though the skin is not as delicately thin as the ones you get at Din Tai Fund, they are still super yummy.

Hot and sour soup ~$7  - swirls of bean curd, fungus (the good kind) and tofu as well as the odd shred of pork combined beautifully in this soup. I like mine a bit more sour which was easily resolved with the addition of a splash of red vinegar.

Pan fried soupy pork buns ~$12 - They forgot our order for these but when we reminded them and it eventually came, they were worth the wait. We could see them sizzling in the open plan kitchen at the front of the restaurant and they reached us piping hot. Golden and crunchy base at the bottom, hot soupy loveliness in the centre.

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  1. very small portion, not worth for what you pay for!!

  2. went there by chance. love the food and price and cute little restaurant. waiters were not friendly, taken some pics of the food and people making the dumpling so i can show my friends but they asked me to delete them. how silly, the pics could have made a free advertising for everyone to come and try the little restaurant.