MaZi, Roselands, Sydney

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Sometimes you find the tastiest food in the strangest places. Lantern club is located on Roselands drive, right next to the Centro Roselands shopping complex. It used to be lawns bowls type club but a few years ago had a huge renovation and make over done. Whilst it still does have a pretty sweet lawn bowls field, the entire complex is now also pretty flash.

Unfortunately as with many of these local community club type places, if you live within a certain radius of the club, you will have to join as a member. From memory it costs around $5-12 a year and it doesn't matter if you already have a membership with your RSL club.The upside is that you can use the membership card to get discounted prices at the excellent MaZi restaurant inside!

I'm finding many clubs these days are focusing on their non-gambling options in order to attract more customers and I guess indirectly the gamblers. Things like member raffles, karaoke nights, daily yum cha and upgraded dining options.

And it seems to be working. We arrived on a Friday night to MaZi, spent 5 minutes to sign up as members and went inside to the restaurant. It was packed already with families, couples, and big groups celebrating birthdays etc.

We managed to sneak in a table against the window, received our menus and then went up to the service desk to order. Remember to give them your member's card to get the member prices!

Grilled calamari with lemon, oregano, green leaf salad, spanish onion and herbs - $16.50 (non member $18.20) - For the entree, we ordered this calamari dish. The calamari was flash fried to perfection with just the right amount of cooking time to make it not too tough and not too slimy. Not sure what combination of herbs was in the marinate but it went very well with the dish.

Garlic prawn linguine with verdlho wine, chili, rocket, parmesan, olive oil - $27.0 ($29.70 non member) - Highlight of this dish was the generous amount of prawns included! So often you get 3-4 prawns and are left itching for more, but here, under every second scoop of linguine was another hidden prawn! Could have had a tad more chili and olive oil.

Slow cooked chicken breast with scallops, soft polenta, carrot, broccoli in a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce $27.0 ($29.70 non member) - Another impressive dish! The chicken had that a delicious golden brown skin of caramelisation on it but remained tender and juicy on the inside. THe sauce was packed with flavour and the scallops grilled perfectly. 

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