Pho Hoang Gia, Homebush, Sydney West

Guest blogger edition

One of the many Vietnamese restaurants in Homebush, Pho Hoang is slightly more hidden away than the rest. Located in the side street adjoining the carpark which is just off the main shopping strip is Pho Hoang. Step inside and it has your typical Vietnamese layout with the self serve cutlery, sauces and napkins on each table. We sat down and were promptly provided with our complimentary pot of tea.

We had a quick perusal of the menu but really already knew what we wanted :P

Rare beef and chicken pho - $12.50 - It never ceases to amaze me how much deliciousness you can get in a bowl of noodle soup at a Vietnamese restaurant for such a decent price. Wonderfully fresh slices of rare beef slowly cooking in the steaming hot broth, accompanied by a tender slices of chicken breast adding that bit of variety in taste and texture. Loaded up with a pile of bean sprouts, a dabble of chili oil, and you have the one of the best meals for winter you can get for this price.

Bun Bo Hue - $12 - The classic spicy noodle dish. With a thicker, rounder noodle and a super spicy broth teeming with chunks of random goodies (beef, pigs blood, onions, shallots etc) this dish truly packs a punch. Another very tasty winter warmer. Sometimes this isn't on the menu, but they can usually whip it up for you if you ask!

Crispy skin chicken - $6.50 - Last but not least is the fried chicken. I dare anyone to resist ordering these golden morsels of succulent chicken.

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