Superbowl, Chinatown, Sydney

Guest blogger edition

Many a late night (and early early morning) have a frequented Superbowl in Chinatown after a big night out on the town. I've never actually posted about it though as usually I'm way to drunk/tired/confused to even remember that I have a blog let alone to take any photos.

However, on this occasion after wandering around the town for 30 odd minutes trying to find a place that suited our appetite as well as our budget, we finally stumbled past Superbowl. Surprisingly, this was actually at dinner time and not after a big night out so I actually managed to snap a few photos!

Superbowl has been around for years and years - I remember eating here when I was still in high school. Decor-wise, it hasn't changed much at all with the same old simple tables and chairs and the usual outdoor seating which is what the Chinatown street is most renowned for.

We got a seat inside, received our pot of tea and perused the menu. On the walls around the restaurants were also specials for the day. We ordered and before we knew it, our food had arrived.

6x curry fish balls and 2x fake shark fin soup -$9.95 - This was one of the specials on the wall. Two bowls of the fake shark fin (rice noodles) and shredded chicken soup. Although this wasn't the legitimate shark fin soup, with a splash of red vinegar it was just as good - and without harming any poor sharks!

The curry fish balls are your typical Hong Kong style street food snack. A mild curry taste with a kick of chili - perfect for these cold winter nights. And yes, I ate two before I remembered to take a photo >_<!

XO pippies - market price - $25 - A classic dish that we always get after a night out - this and a huge bowl or two of congee and deep fried bread sticks. This time we just settled for the pippies though. The homemade XO sauce is amazing. I honestly can not imagine pippies any other way. Salty, spicy and with a delectable combination of seafood flavours. The pippies themselves were OK but perhaps they're not in season as they weren't as nice as I usually remember.

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